How to Freeze Avocados

What do you do when you find an amazing sale on avocados or are given a case for free? I love avocados. If I find them on a good sale I buy as many as I think I can eat before they go bad. I make avocado toast on approved bread or sprouted bread for a crossover. I make low carb pudding and put chunks of them in smoothies. I love to have 2 fried eggs and a piece or 2 of bacon and half an avocado for breakfast. Guacamole? Yes please!! I have never had an avocado I didn’t like. I was recently given a case of avocados and even with my love of them, I couldn’t eat them all before they went bad. What did I do? I froze them!! They actually froze wonderfully. I didn’t have to use lemon juice to keep them from turning brown either.

Freezer bags, I used quart
Large Spoon

1. When I m going use a lot of baggies, the first thing I do is open all the ones I think I will use. This way, when I need a baggie, I don’t have to open it, I just have to put the items into the baggie.
2. Cut open the avocado and scoop out the flesh. Place into baggie. Remove pit and scoop the flesh out of the other half of the avocado. When you have enough avocados in your baggies (I normally use one whole or two whole avocados since my whole family doesn’t love them, just a few of us).

3. Close the baggie most of the way. Insert your straw in one corner and make sure the rest of the baggie is sealed. Suck all of the air out and remove the straw. As soon as the straw is removed, close the baggie as quickly as possible.

4. Store in your freezer. Date the baggies as well so you make sure to use the oldest ones first. I prefer to scoop out the avocado, this way I can slice, chunk, mash, etc. that works for the recipe I am using.

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