Crockpot Low Carb Taco Soup

Do you need an easy and yummy kid friendly recipe? This recipe is so easy and has some hidden vegetables in it as well. Feed your kids (or your picky spouse) without them knowing you are filling them up with cauliflower and the optional mushrooms. This recipe is definitely a keeper and perfect for cold weather. If you want to add the mushrooms, I use my food processor to get them finely diced so they blend in better.
This recipe is perfect for busy days. I made this the day before Thanksgiving early in the day and let it cook all day and we had a healthy and easy dinner with almost no clean up. You can use the crockpot liners to make the clean up even easier. In the ingredient list, I have minimal seasonings. I like to spice things up at home but have to be a little conservative since we have one that can’t handle a lot of heat. Taste the soup after you get it in the crockpot and more seasonings. I like to add close to two packets of DIY taco seasoning and a little cayenne. If your family likes things spicy, add more of your favorite seasonings to spice things up.

1 lb Ground Beef
10 oz Can Diced Tomatoes and Green Chilies
14.5 oz Can Diced Tomatoes
14 oz Can Black Beans, drained and rinsed
1 Onion, diced
1 Bell Pepper, diced
1/2 Packaged of mushrooms, chopped finely
1 Bag of Frozen Riced Cauliflower
DIY Taco Seasoning or 1 Packet
1 t Salt
1/2 t Pepper
Broth or water
Toppings: Green Onions, Cheese, Sour Cream, Avocado, Salsa

1. Brown Ground Beef
2. Add diced onion, diced bell pepper, and mushrooms (if using).
3. Add your seasonings and keep cooking until all the veggies are well cooked.
4. Dump the canned tomatoes, the drained and rinsed beans and the cauliflower to the base of the crockpot. Stir together.
5. Add cooked meat and veggie mix to the crockpot and stir.
6. Add enough broth or water until you get the soupy consistency that you like.
7. Cook on low 6-8 hours.
8. Serve in Bowls with toppings of choice

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