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Trim Healthy Mama Instant Pot Brisket

I have had a brisket in my freezer for a months and I didn’t know what to do with it. This brisket was from the 1/4 quarter cow that we purchased. I am used to briskets being these large hunks of meat not this 1.5-2 lb piece I had in my freezer. I decided I would use my instant pot to cook it. I really like using my instant pot when I am busy and can’t use my crockpot. The above picture is how I served my hubby his.

This is how I made my plate. We both had mashed cauliflower as a side. I have a side salad and he had leftover broccoli salad. My kids had mashed potatoes as a side and that was it. There were no leftovers. They loved it!! If you don’t have an instant pot for this trim healthy mama s meal, you can use a crockpot and let it cook all day long. If you can find this size of a brisket, you need to make this recipe. It is honestly that good!! I will ask my meat market connection if he can get me this cut of me on a monthly basis. It really was that good. I might try it with a roast but I think the brisket cut with the marbled fat made a difference.

This cooks for 45 minutes in the instant pot after you sear each side. You then allow it cool in the pot until it it has naturally release, about 20-25 minutes. Allow it to cool 10 minutes and then cut against the grain. I hope you make this recipe soon.

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