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My THM Journey or Does Trim Healthy Mama Work?

    I felt comfortable in my skin, or at least that is what I told myself. I tried to exercise a few times a week and kind of watched what I ate. I grew up with every meal ending in something sweet. Breakfast was either sweet itself or it ended with biscuits and jelly. Lunch and dinner always had some sort of dessert. If the meal didn’t have that last piece of satisfaction, something felt off. I was even known for my desserts. I always brought desserts to every get-together and had a huge dessert plate just for me.

I didn’t really see myself as I really looked. I honestly saw the me that was a size 7. When I saw pictures of me that showed a different perspective, I blamed it on the angle or the lighting. I didn’t feel like I was overweight, I didn’t think I looked like I was overweight. When my clothes were getting a little tight and I had to go up to a 12, I told myself that the average size of the American woman is now a 12, so I am average.

    I was starting to outgrow some of my 12’s when a friend told me about Trim Healthy Mama. I bought the first book and started reading it, telling myself that I don’t really need to lose much, just a little bit. The plan seemed really confusing at first and I thought I had to buy every special ingredient. I started feeling overwhelmed and wanted to quit (I mean I only needed to lose a little weight anyway). I ended up taking notecards and putting basic information on them, like what made an S meal an S meal. This made it easier to understand and I was able to retain the information. I started implementing the “rules” and changing how I looked at food. I ended up going from around 175 to 135. It seemed to just slowly disappear without much effort.

    Now I don’t want this to sound like it was super easy when I started eating the THM way. I did experience a sugar detox and found it hard to find sweet things that I liked. I was a huge sweet eater before I started the plan and felt deprived. I ate things like cookie bowl oatmeal, made the fuel pull easy ice cream and muffins in a mug. Those really helped me when I did have a craving. Now I am not near as driven by sweets as I was. This plan broke my sugar addiction. I don’t HAVE to HAVE something sweet to finish a meal anymore. But this is about food freedom. If you want cake or candy or ice cream, there are plenty of THM recipes that will fill that spot.

    I knew this plan was working, not only when all of my clothes were too big, but also when employees at stores I was in all the time asked me what I did to lose weight. This plan isn’t as easy as popping a pill, making a drink, putting on a patch or drinking a shake. We want instant and easy these days and if it requires some effort, we want to give up. This plan is delicious and once you get the basics down, it is easy to follow. I can eat on plan pretty much anywhere we go and make food that my whole family enjoys. So, yes trim healthy mama works!! I look better and feel better. I feel so amazing at 45, no aches or pains.

     Here are a couple pictures that I found to try and show my before. I had a hard time finding one where it was a full body shot. When I saw this one, taken at a wedding, I was shocked. I didn’t realize what I really looked like. I kept seeing the me from many years ago and not seeing the real image.