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Trim Healthy Mama Coaching Packages

    If you are looking for a THM coach, you are in the right place. I have been following the THM plan for about 5 years. Through these years our family has gone through many life events. We have had many budget changes and even career changes. We have had a full pantry and a pantry that was almost empty. Through all of this, I have been able to make THM work for me. Even if you have a small budget, I make this work for you too!

     I am excited to come alongside you and help you where you are. The end goal with this is for you to be self-sufficient with THM. However, sometimes a little, or a lot of help is exactly what we need. When I started following the plan, I had a few friends on plan, and we encouraged each other. That encouragement and the weight loss I started seeing, was exactly what I needed. I am here to help you along your journey, wherever you are.

     If you don’t see a coaching package that will fit your current situation, contact me. We can discuss what you are needing and find a plan that fits you.

Simple, basic, no frills package

Do you have questions, need a little encouragement? I suggest having your list of questions already prepared before we talk.

That is what this plan is about. 30 minute phone call answering questions. Cost: $10

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Simple, basic, no frills package, Times 2

This is the same as the plan above, except it is a one hour phone call. Cost: $20

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Getting Started Package

Are you new to the THM Plan or maybe need a reboot?
This package will help you establish your goals and discuss any challenges you have. 
This will last for one month. This includes the following- 1 hour introductory call, weekly calls that last for 15 minutes and emails or texts to check on progress, menu help designed for your current needs, encouragement and tips. Cost: $57

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More Help Package

This is the same as the package above but will last for 2 months. If you feel like you need a little more help, for a little longer, then this is the plan for you. Cost: $97

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Crash  Course Package

Do you need someone to help you get established with THM? Do you need more of a bootcamp for a week? 30 minute phone calls Monday through Friday, where I will answer your questions, help you find where you are struggling, give you tips and encouragement. $47

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Book Study 

4 week book study of the Trim Healthy Plan book. 45 minute call each week to talk about what you read, answer questions and help you get started on the plan with a true foundation. Email ot text support throughout the month as well. Cost: $47

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If you have questions, feel free to contact me at All packages can be paid through paypal. Thank you for coming here and considering me as your coach. No matter if you choose a different coach or decide to do this on your own, I wish you luck on your health journey.