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20 Meals to Prep Now to Keep You out of the Drive Thru



Life is busy and sometimes chaotic. As a mom to 5, I know what that is like! I made this product to help keep your from ordering food to be delivered or out of the drive thru. There are 20 recipes with a pdf pintable grocery list. I broke the recipes down into 4 groups of 5 so you can prep 5 at a time. You can make all 20 at once if you like! Most of the recipes are dump recipes. I LOVE dump recipes!! When I can dump ingredients in a baggie or pot and that’s almost all I have to do, that makes my life easier. I wanted to create a product that would help make busy mommas dinner times easier. You get a set of printables.  These printables include pages to help organize your cooking day, and also keep track of what you have in your kitchen. I made 2 videos, one that shows how I do my freezer meal prep and how to use your pdfs.

When life is busy you can just turn to your freezer and pull out a meal to feed your family. After a chaotic season with too many trips to the drive thru, I knew I had to get back to freezer cooking. Many years ago once a month cooking was all the rage. I would make a month of meals at a time. I made up batches of various cookie doughs, cinnamon rolls, and even crescent rolls. Since I started trim healthy mama, I got out of that habit. Now I do at least small freezer prep once a month. This set of recipes and pdf’s will help you stay on plan and eat healthy meals when life is busy.


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