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Help, I am Overwhelmed with THM and I don’t Know Where to Start!!!

Something I keep seeing on the trim healthy mama facebook pages is some variation of not knowing where to start. I remember what it was like trying to figure out this plan, I remember feeling overwhelmed. After being on plan for over 7 years, losing over 40 lbs, gaining some back because of laziness and then losing it again, I can offer some tips to help overwhelmed beginners. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to me.

  1. It’s okay to start slow. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? This is a perfect way to do this plan. Take is slow and steady. Don’t feel like you have to understand the whole trim healthy mama plan and implement the whole thing at once.
  2. Index cards are your friend. Take a little time to write down things that you come across that are important. For example, s stands for satisfying, e stands for energizing. Next, take notes on what an s meal is and what an e meal is. After that, start writing down s breakfast ideas and e breakfast ideas.
  3. Start with your breakfast and start simple. There is no need to over complicate this. Oatmeal with fruit for an e breakfast or an omelet with cheese and a few veggies for an s are perfect.
  4. Quit consuming sugar and white flour. Even if you don’t understand the plan yet, go ahead and stop eating or drinking those things. No sugary drinks, no sugary and white flour desserts. Neither of these are your friend.
  5. Up your water intake. Before this plan I drank Dr Pepper and sweet tea all day. Now I drink water all day. Here is an article I wrote where I share my top 10 drinks that helped me break my sugary drink habit.
  6. As you are starting to understand the plan better, you have quit sugar and white flour, started drinking more water and maybe some thm sippers, work on your lunches and snacks. This could have taken you 1 week or 1 month, it doesn’t matter. You aren’t in a race with anyone but yourself. If you quit, who do you hurt? It is totally acceptable to baby step your way into this plan.
  7. Accept your mess ups, your cheats. We all make mistakes, cheat sometimes, have bad days. Don’t give up because that happens. Decide to do better the next meal or snack. This isn’t an all or nothing plan, grace is very much needed for us to give ourselves.
  8. Finally get your dinners and desserts on plan. You might already be here, and if so, fabulous. If it has taken you 2 months to be ready for this part, wonderful!! Progress is progress!! Small consistent changes add up to great success!! You have got this! Failure only exists when we stop trying, so don’t stop trying.

If you need more help, feel free to reach out to me. I offer private and group coaching. I am often hosting beginners group coaching and challenge groups for ladies who are ready to be challenged. I truly care for ladies and our health. If we don’t take of our health, who will?