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My Top 10 Favorite THM Drinks

I used to be addicted to Dr Pepper and sweet tea. When I started on trim healthy mama I was able to break the addiction and replace it with healing drinks. Now, instead of hurting my health, I am able to heal my body and take care of me with THM drinks. If you are needing some drinks that fit the THM lifestyle and break your addiction to the sugary stuff, maybe these ideas will help you.

These water bottles are my family’s favorite way to get in our water. I bought one and then my son bought one. After about a week, my hubby bought one. We absolutely love and recommend them to anyone needing a convenient way to up their water intake.

Here is a link for the water bottles
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Here are links to some of the ingredients that are used in the drinks below
Baobab Powder, this is one of my favorite ingredients
Oolong Tea, this is the tea that burns calories and has cancer fighting properties
Hibiscus Flowers, these are so potent
Collagen, I use this kind or THM’s collagen
Stevia Powder, Again I use this one or THM’s stevia
MCT Oil, I love using MCT oil. I add it to my coffee, my yogurt, shakes, etc
Grass Fed Gelatin, this is a healing food

  1. Coffee!! Here is my favorite way to drink my coffee on THM
  2. The Shrinker, not only does it taste great it burns calories while you drink it!!
  3. Good Girl Moonshine of GGMS, this drink rocked the world of thmers. There are so many variations out there today. Here are some yummy ones
  4. Spuice Juice, this one is only on the membership site but it is amazing!! This makes a gallon so my hubby and I sip on it throughout the week. It is an amazing immune booster as well.
  5. Wonder Woman Whiskey. This is my take on the original. If you can’t handle too much heat, 1/2 jalapeno with the seeds and white membranes removed is just the right amount of heat for me.
  6. Danny-Ade, Danny from the Poddy’s version of gatorade. If you don’t have their brand of cherry extract, use whatever brand you have that is on plan
  7. The Singing Canary I don’t use vitamin C in mine, I use baobab instead. Since baobab is extremely high in vitamin C, it doesn’t take away from the recipe.
  8. This is just a simple take on sweet tea. Brew your tea like you usually do but in place of sugar replace it with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of pure stevia powder
  9. This is a delicious strawberry lemonade
  10. Super Simple Baobab Water. Baobab is the highest antioxidant on the planet. I add it to yogurt, cottage cheese, lots and lots of my sippers. I try to never be out of this product, I highly recommend buying this product and using it daily.

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