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30 Day Movement Challenge

We are doing a free 30 day movement challenge.

The only rules are: you pick a exercise/movement/workout that is going to challenge you but not be impossible to complete. I picked something simple to add to my workout schedule. You get one day off this month and you get to pick which one. It can be anything, yoga, steps, running, anything.

I want to add that I am not an expert, I just know that movement helps so many aspects of our lives, not just physically. I (mostly) enjoy running and lifting weights. The older I get, the more I have learned that movement needs to intentional and added to my day.

I have a few pdf’s that you download and use if you want.

Here is a simple 30 Day Challenge Tracker

My saying is messy success beats delayed perfection!!

Stop waiting for tomorrow, stop waiting for a new week, month, or even a year. Start today! Your future self will be so happy you did!!

Here is a 30 day step tracker

Here is simple workout planner

Here is where all of my youtube videos will be stored

This is just me explaining how the whole thing will work:


Here is a 52 weightloss tracker

Here is a Weekly Fitness Planner

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