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6 Week Trim Healthy Mama Bootcamp

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Are you struggling with the trim healthy mama way of eating? Need some extra help to get back on track?

Are you struggling with THM, needing some extra help, fell of the thm wagon, want a thm coach but can’t afford a private coach? I would love to have you join my group coaching!

In this group setting I will answer your questions, help with your meals and meal planning, weekly challenges, have facebook lives, daily check-ins, and more! My main desire is to help moms take care of themselves. We often put ourselves last and end up paying for it with our health. You are worthy and important!! I would love to help you on your trim healthy mama journey.

I have been following the trim healthy mama way of eating for over 10 years.

I remember what it was like starting trim healthy mama but lost my joy and focus along the way. I want to help you establish a strong foundation for THM. We will work on creating habits that put us on track for success in eating right and taking care of ourselves. Our health is so important!!

I want to encourage you to make your health a priority. You can do this! I was a sugar addicted, carb loving, Dr Pepper drinking person. THM broke all of those habits. No one is going to take care of us!! We have to take care of ourselves.

Even if you don’t choose me as your coach, please take care of you. You are worth taking care of!!

This group will start on April 2nd and last for 6 weeks. You get all of this for only $47!!!

With the cost of everything going up, budgets getting tighter, I have chosen to keep my prices low. I don’t want women choosing between a coach, groceries, or bills. I want to be a blessing to you. ❤️

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