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6 Week Trim Healthy Mama Bootcamp

Are you struggling with the trim healthy mama way of eating? Do you need extra help and accountability?

Are you struggling with trim healthy mama, needing some extra help, want a thm coach but can’t afford a private coach? I would love to have you join my group coaching! In this group setting I will answer your questions, help with your meals and meal planning, have facebook lives, daily check-ins, accountability and more. I remember what it was like starting trim healthy mama and being confused and feeling overwhelmed. I want to help you establish a strong foundation for THM. We will work on creating habits that put us on track for success in eating right. Our health is so important. We have to take care of it before it’s too late. As ladies we often are taking care of others and putting our needs last. I want to encourage you to make your health a priority. Even if you don’t choose me as your coach, please take care of you. You are worth taking care of!! This group will last from September 13th- October 17th.

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Here’s a little information about me:

I am 46 years old and have been following thm for about 8 years. I lost over 45 pounds and dropped down to my high school size. I went from tight 12’s (the size 14’s were calling my name) to size 6-8’s, depending on the brand. I know this plan works and really want to help ladies take care of their health. That is what brings me joy! Hearing comments like the ones below make my day:

I appreciated Jennifer’s style of leadership and accountability in this group! I felt like she gave solid information about the THM plan, plus tips and links to recipes. I also like that she broke it down and started with breakfast and drinks, allowing time to get this down before gradually adding other meals until you had the tools to eat on plan all day! Plus, she was friendly and engaging, but not pushy, allowing you to interact as much or as little as you wanted to. Very helpful!

I have been following the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle for 6 years. And yet, I have never been anle to reach my goal weight. This past year was fill of new and very challenging things in my life, and I was ready to quit completely. I had looking into coaching before, but the cost was always prohibitive for me. Quarantine had pretty much destroyed any last shred of THM left in me, and my clothes were getting tight and my body feeling so unhealthy. On a whim, I looked at the coaches directory on the THM app and saw that Jennifer was going to do a 21 day no cheat challenge, and it was in my price range. She was very encouraging and has got me enjoying THM again. For me it has been all about the accountability, and I can’t wait for the monthly group coaching to start. Thank you, Jennifer, for doing what is in your heart to help others.

If you need some extra help, let me be your thm coach and get back on track!

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