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Crockpot Low Carb Steak Bites

These steak bites are low carb, trim healthy mama s, and yummy!

Low carb, thm s, steak bites are one of the easiest recipes on my site. I had some tenderized round steak in my freezer and I didn’t want to attempt a low carb chicken fried steak, I wanted easy. I came up with this recipe to use that steak. If you need an easy recipe that you can throw ingredients into a crockpot and let it cook all day, this recipe might be the perfect fit. This low carb steak bite recipe is perfect for busy days. This recipe can be thrown together in 5 minutes, it’s that simple.

To make this even simpler, I used frozen seasoning blend.

I love to use the seasoning blend. It is found in the frozen veggie section. It has onion, celery and bell peppers in it, but it is mostly diced onion. If you don’t have that, you can just cut up a medium onion and 1/2 of a bell pepper. The seasoning blend helps on those busy days where you don’t have much time to be in the kitchen.

I served this with salad and sautéed squash. Those are both super easy and quick to throw together.

Low Carb, Crockpot Steak Bites


  • 2 Lb Tenderized Round Steak
  • 1 C Seasoning Blend
  • 1 T Minced Garlic
  • 1 t Salt
  • 1/2 t Black Pepper
  • 1 T Smoked Paprika
  • 1/2 C Beef Broth or Water
  • 2 T Butter


  • Cut your steak into chunks and place in your crokcpot
  • Mix together the seasonings and seasoning blend. Add the beef broth. Stir to combine.
  • Pour on top of the cut steak pieces. Top with butter. Place lid on top and cook on low for 6-8 hours.
  • When it is cooked, stir and serve warm.

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