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Saving Money at Aldi While Following the Trim Healthy Mama Eating Plan

Do you have an Aldi near where you live? Aldi is my absolutely favorite grocery store! It helps me stay within my budget and on plan. I follow the trim healthy mama eating plan and buy almost all of my groceries from here. I will make a post of the few things that I don’t buy at Aldi but that is going to be a small list.

Let me clear up the quarter situation. You don’t pay a quarter to use a grocery cart (I use the word buggy, that’s what us Texans say, but I will try an use grocery cart for all of you that think calling it a buggy is crazy). You insert your quarter into a slot to release a chain that holds the grocery cart to another cart. When you are done you return the cart, place the chain in the slot and and your quarter is released. This saves you money because they don’t have to pay someone to gather all of the carts. Right now though, you don’t need a quarter. Someone is outside sanitizing the carts and they have quarters in them.

You will need to bring your own bags. I have so many bags because I have forgotten them at home a few times. I now try to make sure I keep extras in my car and my hubby’s car. I also have so many because of instacart. I LOVE instacart. Don’t want to go in the store, have a lot of kids, lead a busy life, instacart is the answer. Before our world got turned upside down, I cleaned my grandparents hour on Mondays’ I would either by my groceries on Sunday or morning and pick them up Monday afternoon.

I encourage you to give Aldi a try if you haven’t. It is my number one way I stay within my budget. I have 3 teenagers at home. I can’t imagine feeding all of us and buying everything at a different store. Here is my list of things that I buy all the time at my Aldi.

What to buy at Aldi if you are following the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan:
Plain Nuts
85% Dark Chocolate
Dry Wine
Sprouted Bread and Wraps
Lemons, limes, grapefruit
All of their lettuce
Brussels Sprouts
Coleslaw mix
Green Onions
Spaghetti Squash
Bell Peppers, Regular and Mini
Low Carb Tortillas
Corn Tortillas
Refried Beans
Canned Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies
Dried Beans
Canned Tuna
Rye Bread
Canned Salmon
Pork Rinds
Canned Veggies
Canned Pineapple
Marinara Sauce
Parmesan Cheese
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil Spray
Almond Flour
Chia Seeds
Hemp Hearts
Cocoa Powder
Brown Rice
On Plan Dressings
Cheese, Aldi often has really nice specialty cheeses
Unsweetened Peanut Butter and Almond Butter
Plain Dried Tea
Cottage Cheese
Sour Cream
Plain Low-fat Kefir
Cream Cheese
Grass fed Butter
Almond Milk
Whipping Cream
Egg Whites
Non-fat Greek Yogurt
Lemon Juice
Frozen Berries
Frozen Tilapia
Cauliflower Rice
Frozen Veggies

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