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Super Easy and Amazing Air Fryer Pizza Rollup- Low Carb/Trim Healthy Mama S

This easy and amazing air fryer roll up is low carb/trim healthy mama s.

I needed an easy snack today while I am down with my back. This was so easy to make and I was so surprised at how delicious this was. I literally just used what I had in my fridge. All you need is flatbread (I will share a picture of what I used below), some sort of sauce, cheese, and possibly meat. I tried to keep it light so I used a wedge of light laughing cow cheese as my base.

I have had these Xtreme wellness tomato basil tortillas in my fridge for a bit.

You don’t have to use these, but I am sure they added a little extra flavor. I do find this brand of tortillas to be a little, um, “wet”, maybe. If you base that you use seems to have that problem, you will want to do what I did. I air fried the tortilla for 3 minutes, flipping it over with about 1 minute left. This seemed to help and dried the tortilla out enough for me.

Use this post as inspiration and use what you have and like.

I literally opened my fridge and pulled things out. This is an s but I tried to pull it back since dinner is most likely a heavier s. I used the tortilla as my base. Spread on one wedge of light laughing cow cheese. I poured about 1-2 tablespoons of pizza sauce on top. Use extra sauce or even tomato paste. I sprinkled a little shredded mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese on top.


Finally, the only meat I had was a package of ham.

Of course, more pizza type meats would be better, I just used what I had. You can make this even better if you want. depending on the size of your air fryer(or use your oven), you can make enough for a family. This is so easy and yummy. I will definitely be adding this to my rotation, maybe even an easy weekend lunch where everyone can make their own pizza rollup.

Easy Air Frier Pizza Rollup LC and THM S


  • 1 LC Tortilla or Flatbread
  • 1 Wedge Light laughing cow cheese

Toppings: Sauce, Cheese, Meat, Etc.


    • First, if needed git rid of the "wetness" on the tortilla/flatbread, airfry for about 3 minutes. Then spread the llcc wedge on top, sauce and sprinkle with cheese.
    • If you want to use meat, top with your meat of choice.
    • Roll up as tight as possible without too much of the filling spilling out.
    • Place in your air fryer at 375 for 8-11 minutes, or until done to your liking.
    • Remove to your plate. Cut into as many pieces as you want.
    • Serve with any dipping sauce you like. I actually used some more pizza sauce and a little ranch.

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