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The Easiest and Tastiest Sugar Free Candy!! Low Carb- Trim Healthy Mama S


This is the easiest and tastiest sugar free, low carb and trim healthy mama candy I have tasted.

Granted this sugar free candy uses easy to use ingredients and there are only 3 or 4 ingredients as well. I made 2 versions, one with goji berries and one without. Goji berries are really good for you and taste amazing with the other ingredients in the candy. I highly recommend add them. If you are nervous, just add a tiny amount to the last bit of chocolate mixture and make only one with the goji berries.

The chocolate I used is chocolate I like.

I used 85% chocolate from Aldi and some on plan sugar free chocolate chips. I like how that combination turned out. You can use whatever on plan chocolates you like. You could also add a little powdered sweetener if you feel like this will be too dark. You could even make skinny chocolate if you want. As written this a super simple, easy, and delicious chocolate candy recipe. If you like white chocolate, I used some Lilys white chocolate for the white clusters pictured above. My hubby gave them two thumbs up!

In the video above, my grandson helps me make it. Instead of a dump and go crockpot recipe, it’s a dump and freeze candy recipe. Make this candy recipe today and keep it in your freezer. Anytime you are craving chocolate or start reaching for that off plan candy, grab this one instead. This candy isn’t only hubby approved, it’s also grandson approved!!

One last comment: A few tips

I cut the marshmallows into smaller pieces in the second batch. Use whatever nuts you want. I have used peanuts, almonds, and hazelnuts so far.  If using the goji berries, I suggest a quick, rough chop. The goji berries I purchased at Walmart were in the baking isle in that small, healthy section. And the sugar free marshmallows, Maxmallows, were near the regular marshmallows.

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Easiest Low Carb Candy


  • 1 C Chopped (broken) Chocolate or Chocolate Chips I used a combo
  • 3/4-1 C Preferred Nuts
  • 5-8 Sugar Free Marshammlows- cut into desired sizes
  • 1/4 C Goji berries, if desired


  • Melt your chocolate. I melt mine in a measruing cup on 60% power at 45 econd intervals. I only do that 2 times..
  • Stir. When melted, I let my sit for a couple minutes. I got everything else ready.
  • You can add everything at once or leave your marshmallows last. I didn't want my marshmallows to melt and become part of the chocolate. I wanted the pieces to be distinguishable.
  • Drop in desired sizes onto a parchment lined sheet.
  • Freeze until frozen. Store in a bag or container in your freezer.

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