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4th in My Series Prepping 5 Low Carb, THM S Dinners in an Hour on a Budget


Here is week number 4 in my series on prepping 5 low carb dinners in an hour on a budget. The budget I have set for this series is $60 for all 5 dinners. Where you live your food might be more. Currently I have access to organic grassfed beef at $5.29 a lb. Previously is was $4.99. My local Mexican grocery store usually has ground beef for less than $4.00 Chicken breasts are often less than $1.69 a lb.

This week I have 2 ground beef recipes, 2 chicken recipes and 1 fish recipe. I try to make sure I use a variety of flavors and seasonings when I make the menu. I could eat Mexican food everyday and not get tired. It is my favorite!! I only have 2 Mexican themed meals this week. I wanted to make sure and utilize the cotija cheese I bought. I might even use it in another week. It was an interesting cheese. It was a little on the sharp side with a bit of a Parmesan flair. You can leave it out if you want to., it isn’t essential to the dishes that it is added to but it definitely adds to it.

Menu for this week

Cheesy Chicken and Mushrooms with roasted broccoli
Low Carb Mexican Chicken Breasts and Mexican Roasted Zucchini
Low Carb Cheesy Italian Casserole with Salad
Low Carb Dirty Rice with salad, if needed
Low Carb Fish Tacos in a bowl

Here is a link to the PDF grocery list

Here is a link to the Youtube video

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