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2nd Post in the series, Prepping 5 THM S, Low Carb Dinners in an Hour

So this is one of those times that I am not truly pleased with how everything worked out. I was rushing trying to get the video filmed during a busy time. I had to get it done since we were leaving for a weekend family vacation Friday and one of the meals was for the vacation. I had so much on my plate prepping for that vacation and then the anniversary trip that my husband and I went on after the family trip. We were celebrating 25 years of marriage and went on a cruise with friends. I had a lot to do but still managed to MOSTLY get the meals prepped. Since I am new at this, I thought I would talk and explain things and then work so that my husband would have an easier job editing the video. That really ate up my time.

For the shrimp recipe I was going to use my instant pot to cook my spaghetti squash. Since shrimp cook so fast and the recipe was a fast recipe, the only thing I was going to prep ahead was the spaghetti squash. I didn’t mange to get it done, however, I didn’t work for an hour. I talked so much! When I started watching the video back, I realized how much I talked. I wanted to tell myself to stop talking and work. Also, a note on my outfit. I thought it was a pretty cute summer outfit. After watching some of the video, I have determined that I won’t wear those pieces again at the same time.

I am new at this and am just sharing real life. I will always be real. I honestly don’t have enough brain power to be something I am not. I hope that this is at least somewhat helpful. This definitely helps me stay on plan and not give in to drive-thrus on busy days. We all have those days or seasons. I have been there and sometimes find myself sitting in a drive thru. Don’t end up being overwhelmed. Make a plan, do some prep and it will make things so much easier.

I will be making these plans all low-carb or THM S meals. We generally eat mostly S dinners. If you want more E dinners, adjust what I have or make the other 2 dinners E meals. When I made tacos, make that an E. Use low-fat meat and don’t top with cheese, avocado or regular sour cream. Maybe a wedge of light laughing cow cheese or low fat cream cheese. Eat some low-fat refried beans and/or some Spanish rice made out of brown rice. Use strong flavors to make your E taco meal satisfying. Use cilantro, salsa, diced jalapenos, etc. Make this dish pop as an E, you don’t have to eat bland food. Add flavors that you like, add more spice or seasonings. I have one kid who hates cilantro. The rest of us love it!! Most of us love pico. You can adapt these recipes however you need to. Less spice, more spice. Adapt everything I share for your family, your situation. I add finely chopped mushrooms to my ground beef and cauli rice as well. I even add cauli rice to my soups. Now, if you watch the video, you have been warned. I am a hot mess!!
My menu:
Low Carb Taco Casserole. There are hidden veggies in this recipe. I topped this with what I had at home, lettuce, tomatoes and sliced black olives. Top this with your favorite Mexican style toppings.
Supreme Pizza Chicken Bake- I sauted the onion, bell peppers and mushrooms. I don’t like those on my pizzas mostly raw so I always pre-cook them. Top your chicken with your favorite pizza toppings. Serve with a side salad. This dish was nice but I probably won’t make it regularly.
I used the other chicken breasts in the pack in this recipe. Basically I seasoned them and baked them. I served them with the loaded cauliflower and a small side salad.
The garlic shrimp is served on top of pasta. For me I did spaghetti squash and another salad. Switch up the whole salad thing if you want. Roasted veggies would be wonderful or even a low carb coleslaw would be perfect.
Tacos with Cauli Spanish rice. I add chopped mushrooms and some cauli rice to my taco meat and no one knows. I have fooled many people. I took this taco meat to the beach house and the picky mushroom and cauliflower haters had no clue. Top your tacos with your favorite toppings on low carb shells. You can use lettuce for your shells or low carb tortillas.

Here are the links to the recipes
With a salad
With baked chicken breasts and a salad
Served over spaghetti squash
This will go with tacos. Use your choice of shells

Here is the pdf grocery list link

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