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4th In the Series, 5 THM S Dinners Prepped in an Hour


Here is the 4th installment in my prepping 5 trim healthy mama s, low carb dinners in an hour. If I ever learn how to edit videos, I can get these out so much faster. My hubby does it for me and he works crazy long hours and often our weekends are full. I am still a beginner at this but I hope I am able to get better at it.

I find that I am able to stay on plan much easier when my dinner is prepped and I only have a little work to do to get dinner on the table. Obviously, adjust these meals to your family’s tastes. I have a kid that doesn’t like cauliflower so I make a different side for him. I have another kid who doesn’t like green beans, so I make a side for him.

Sloppy Joe Chaffle with salad
Cajun Sausage and Shrimp Skillet
Hamburger Steaks and mushroom gravy with mashed cauliflower
Cheesy Creamy Low Carb Chicken Cordon Blue Bake with salad and roasted veggies
Melt in Your Mouth Chicken with roasted green beans and cauliflower

Links to the recipes

Here is a link to the PDF grocery list

Here is the link to the youtube video



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