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Dairy Free Trim Healthy Mama Menu

Do you have a need for a diary free menu? Here is a dairy free menu I made recently. My hubby felt like he wanted to go dairy free for a bit so I came up with this one.

I made up a batch of chocolate moisties, pg 321 in the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. I also made  a few containers of chia pud, page 344 in the THM Cookbook. I am assuming that because I made the moisties with coconut oil, that when I added the okra mixture, it didn’t mix well. I ended up getting in there with my hands and mixing it all together. I also needed to flatten them down with my hands (I am sure the bottom of a glass would have worked as well). I topped most of them with the glosting with cherry extract (instead of the raspberry) and a few of the others I sprinkled on gentle sweet. I have to keep the moisties in the fridge. I don’t know if it is because I used coconut oil or they are just delicate cookies. I also made a batch of nogurt, page 343 in the THM Cookbook. Both of those are for snacks throughout the week. I tried to have a decent mix of fuel sources and not go too heavy in one direction. I hope this helps and inspires you with your own dairy free menu.

B: Cinnamon Pecan Pancake, page 338 in the Trim Healthy Table cookbook, with sausage
L: eat out, Carne Asada (this was made with beef, onions and cactus- I ate it with salsa and corn tortillas and guacamole. It was a crossover but delicious) XO
D: Wipe Your Mouth Bbq THM Cookbook  E pg 43 with Coleslaw FP THM Cookbook pg 231 and a FP Slushie THM Cookbook pg 372

B: Sweatpants Oatmeal –If you do a search you will find a video online for free E
L: Leftovers E
D: Bunless Burgers (just burgers with toppings, wrapped in lettuce) S, with Broccoli Salad (do a search for a THM Broccoli Salad and you should be able to find one that you like

B: Muffins, S and Small Shake, S Honestly any shake you want, I made these for the shake I made the Berrylicious Thin Thick on page 424 from the THM Cookbook
L: Ranch Hand Taco Salad E, in the THM Cookbook with a dairy free dressing- basically I adapted a recipe and used tofu to make it creamy. I added a chipotle pepper to the blender and it was perfectly smoky. My hubby had no clue and ate it 2 days in a row with no complaints.
D: Crazy Easy Curry, S Trim Healthy Table pg 97

B: Shake- any THM Shake you want, any fuel
L: Leftover Salad, E
D: Leftover Curry, S and Pizza for teens at church

B: Leftover Muffins, S (you can add a shake or breakfast meat if you want)
L: Salad (just a nice big salad with a FP dressing and chicken breast for the protein, or make it an E)
D: Hubby Lovin’ Chicken, S  Trim Healthy Table pg 218, with Killer Green Beans Trim Healthy Table S pg 261

B: Sweet Dreams Cookie Bowl Oatmeal, FP pg. 249 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook or pg 242 in the original book
L: Pasta salad with Chicken, S Basically use any pasta salad you like with Dreamfields pasta and chicken for your protein
D: Picadillo, this recipe can be made in any fuel but we are making this meal an E with Spanish brown rice, E

B and L: Leftovers or a Shake, any leftovers that you might have left from the week or a shake or a salad. Dinner is an E, so plan accordingly
D: Burrito Bowls with Pico, E

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