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Fiesta Stuffed Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes, stuffed with Mexican inspired ingredients, equals a fiesta stuffed sweet potato!

I have been on the fence about eating a savory filled sweet potato. I have always ate mine with sugar, butter, and cinnamon. If you are used to the same ways of eating sweet potatoes, keep your mind open, you might really like this way of eating them. This is a trim healthy mama e recipe. It is a great way to get in those good carbs and in a very flavorful way.

Sweet potatoes can be eaten sweet or savory. What? Crazy but true.

There was a post going around the trim healthy mama facebook page about eating sweet potatoes with light laughing cow cheese, a little sweetener, and blueberries. I finally tried it and really liked it. Sometimes I even add some turkey lunch meat to the potato. Weird, but good. That inspired this recipe. If your kids aren’t sweet potato fans, serve theirs on a baked russet potato.

First, when I know I am going to have sweet potatoes a few times, during meal prep, I go ahead and bake a few to eat throughout the week.

This ended up being my lunch for 3 days one week. The rest of the meat mixture I made into quesadillas. This yummy meat mixture can be used so many ways. You can bake up some corn tortillas and make tostadas. Mix into spaghetti squash. Thin with beef broth and make into a soup. This meat mixture is very versatile. If you don’t like jalapenos, salsa, cilantro, onions, use whatever toppings you want. Make this recipe your own.

Fiesta topped sweet potatoes


  • 4-6 Baked Sweet Potatoes
  • 1 lb Lean ground meat
  • 1 T Minced Garlic
  • 14 oz Can of Diced tomatoes
  • 1 T Chili Powder
  • 1 t Ground Cumin
  • 1 t Salt
  • 1/2 t Black Pepper
  • 15 oz Can of Pinto Beans, rinsed You can use any bean you want
  • 1 T Dried Minced Onions

Toppings: Light Laughing Cow Cheese, Cilantro, Green Onions, Salsa, Jalapenos


    • Brown your ground beef, Add the seasonings, minced garlic, and dried onion.
    • Add the tomatoes and beans.
    • Mix and heat through.
    • Cut open your baked sweet potato. Add the light laughing cow cheese wedge (if using) and stir to melt.
    • Top with meat mixture.
    • Add various Mexican style toppings and enjoy.

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