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Staying the Course with Trim Healthy Mama

The trim healthy mama way of eating is a wonderful tool.

By following the trim healthy mama way of eating (diet), I have changed so much with my health. I quit sugar, lost over 45 pounds, and feel amazing! I want to offer some encouragement today. Have you started something and quit? Have you tried trim healthy mama and quit? You aren’t alone!! Starting is hard, it really is, but the middle is harder. Look at gym attendance in January and then again in March. There are a lot less people there 2 months later. Why? It’s the middle that gets us. Trim healthy mama is just a tool to get us from one point to another. We have to stay the course.

It’s hard to start something, it really is.

I am sure you have heard, starting is the hardest part. I do agree that starting is hard, but I think it’s the middle that is the hardest. Staying the course, not giving up, that’s hard too. How many times have we started a book, an exercise program, goals, “diets”, etc.? How many times did we quit? Here’s my encouragement, Trim healthy mama does work. There are so many success stories out there. I was the girl ADDICTED to sugar and loved the not good for me carbs. Thm changed all of that for me. In the first picture I am 46 and feel amazing. In the second picture I am at least 180 pounds (I am 5’3″) and around 38 years old. I now have a grandson who is one of my whys.

I am thankful that I didn’t quit, that I took care of me this time.

Do you have a why? Why do you want to change your life, eat right, get healthy? That boy in the picture is one of my whys. I want to be able to keep up with him, run with him, play with him, be there for him. Having a why or many whys is helpful to stay the course. When you want to quit, why did you start? What was your motivation to start?

This blurry picture is me, eating all the fried foods. I am sure there were some fried oreos involved in this lunch. I can promise you that the me in this picture is thankful for me starting trim healthy mama and staying the course. Think about your future self. Where do you want to be in 6 months? Do you want to be exactly where you are or do you want to change for the better?

You are worth putting in effort and taking care of. You are worthy. Your reason to stay the course has to be greater than your reason to quit. Read that last line again. Every time you quit something, there is a reason. Your reason to stay the course, not quit, has to be greater than your reason to quit. Remember why you started, why you want to change. If you don’t have your whys wrote down, I encourage you to do that it really is helpful. Here is a video I did a while back on having whys. I just wanted to offer some encouragement, maybe give you a little boost to stay the course.

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