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Trim Healthy Mama Abbreviations

So many things have abbreviations but where you’re new, they can be confusing!!

I know there are lots of new ladies with trim healthy mama and all of this can be overwhelming. I thought I would come up with a list of of them on here that might help you in your thm journey.

THM Trim Healthy Mama
THMPB Trim Healthy Mama Plan
THC Trim Healthy Cookbook
THT Trim Healthy Table
THF Trim Healthy Future
GGMS Good Girl Moonshine
ACV Apple Cider Vinegar
DF Dairy Free
GS Gentle Sweet
SS Super Sweet
DTS Drive Thru Sue
BB Baking Blend
OP On Plan
NOP Not on Plan
SI Special Ingredients
NSI No Special Ingredients
WWBB Wonderful White Blender Bread
LLCC Light Laughing Cow Cheese
000 Triple Zero Yogurt
NSV Non Scale Victory
FOF Face Off Friday

One Response to “Trim Healthy Mama Abbreviations

  • Thanks for showing the abbreviations. Being new I have found it a little confusing not knowing what each one was.

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