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Sugar Free Banana Fosters Oatmeal- Trim Healthy Mama E

This sugar free Banana Fosters Oatmeal is a trim healthy mama e- and delicious!

Having super simple recipes that also taste delicious, helps us keep eating healthy. This is such a simple recipe that doesn’t taste like it. I also made it a protein packed oatmeal. I am learning more about how important protein is, especially as we get older. You don’t have to add any extra protein to your oatmeal, but I will share how I do it.

I use oatmeal packets but use whatever oatmeal you like.

Microwave your oats for about a minute. After about a minute and a half, I add a little sweetener, a pinch of salt, half to a full scoop of collagen and about 3 egg whites. I don’t want my egg whites to be like cooked egg whites so I microwave at 30 second increments and stir. I like to add cinnamon and vanilla, but that’s up to you.

This recipe is so fast!!

Once I have my oatmeal going, I work on the bananas. I use half a medium banana. Slice it thin. I use a small skillet and a little olive oil spray. Sprinkle a small amount of brown Swerve in the bottom on medium heat. Once the brown Swerve has melted, you need to move quickly. Place the bananas in the hot melted brown Swerve and you need to flip them almost as soon as you get the last banana slice placed in the skillet.

I mixed the cooked bananas into the oatmeal and it was just so good. Don’t go crazy with the Swerve, unless you don’t mind the cooling affect. I try to be very mindful, but sometimes I add a little too much. For this recipe, add just enough to almost cover a small skillet.

These are the oatmeal packets I use. They have been great and so convenient! I buy a case from Amazon. They end up being less than .50 a package.

There are affiliate links in this post. If you click through and make a purchase, I might make a small commission. Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to me and my family.

Sugar-free Banana Fosters Oatmeal THM E


  • Bowl of oatmeal that is hot Add a little vanilla, cinnamon, a little sweetener, and protein options, if desired
  • 1/2 Med Banana sliced
  • Brown Swerve, about a tablespoon or so


  • Spray a small of olive oil in a small skillet over medium heat. Sprinkle the brown swerve over the skillet as evenly as possible.
  • Once the brown swerve has melted move quickly. Place the sliced bananas over the syrup. Just about as soon as you place the last banana slice, get ready to flip the banana slices over.
  • Flip the banana slices over.
  • Pour on top of your prepared oatmeal. Eat.


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