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Sugar Free Dalgona Coffee Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Pull

Goodbye cold brew, hello dalgona. This drink is so good and crazy easy. No need to brew your coffee, do any early planning, you can whip this up in a few minutes. Stay home, save money and make this yourself. This is also know as coffee foam, whipped coffee, frothy and possibly other names. Whichever one you choose to call it (I personally like whipped coffee since I don’t know how to pronounce dalgona) it is delcious.

I saw people posting about this amazing iced coffee on social media and wondered if I could make this sugar free. Dalgona coffee is a whipped coffee foam that you pour over unsweetened nut milk and ice. After you make your coffee foam, you dollop it on top of your milk.

Dalgona means “Wow, it’s sweet” in Korean. In my research, I found out that this coffee originated in South Korea. You can add more sweetener if you want but I think the amount I used is really good and perfectly sweet. My daughter tried it and thought it was sweet enough. Usually this is made with equal parts sugar, instant coffee and hot water, with the measurements being 2 T each. I changed the measurements out and swapped the sugar for confectioners swerve.

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Sugar Free Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Pull

Servings 1 person
Author Jennifer Overstreet



  • Heat up your water.
  • Put your sweetener and espresso powder in a small to medium bowl.
  • When your water is hot, add it to your bowl with the coffee and sweetener.
  • Whisk your ingredients until you create a foam. It will take about 2 minutes. I am sure you can use a mixer but this will count as a little workout.
  • Dollop the coffee foam on top of the iced milk. Drink and enjoy.


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