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The Easiest Low Carb, Trim Healthy Mama S Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets

Homemade crispy, air fried chicken nuggets, low carb and trim healthy mama s!

I haven’t had a yummy, crispy chicken nugget in a long time. Hubby and I made these one night and they were so good!! You really only need 3 ingredients!! That’s it. You need a can of chicken, an egg, and some shredded cheese. You can add whatever seasoning you like. You can stay basic and just do salt and pepper or go a little crazy.

We used a mild cheese both times we made this.

We used shredded mozzarella both times but you can experiment with whatever cheese you and your family like. The milder cheese is going to not add much flavor and allow these to taste more like the chicken nuggets from a fast food place. But I think smoked gouda would taste amazing!!

You can spice these up or keep them spice free.

We added some homemade jalapeno spice to one of the recipes. You can add garlic powder or minced garlic. Some smoked paprika, maybe go Italian and add some parmesan cheese. Dip into some on plan marinara sauce. Add in some Mexican style seasonings and you can dip into guacamole or queso. The options are endless! For a super easy dinner, this is always an option. I now keep canned chicken in my pantry just so we can make these.

Easy Diy Low Carb. THM S Chicken Nuggets


  • 12.5 oz Canned Chicken
  • 1 M-l Egg
  • 1/3 C Cheese, I used mostly mozzarella with a little parmesan


  • In a medium bowl, mix everything together until combined.
  • On parchment paper that you sprayed, form the chicken mixture into nuggets.
  • In an air fryer bake at 425 degrees for 8 minutes. Take out and flip. Bake 2-5 more minutes, until browned and crispy. Serve with desired sides and dipping sauces.

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