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Trim Healthy Future Cookbook Giveaway!!!

Because it’s my birthday, I wanted to bless a mama!

I turned 46 today and wanted to bless a mama out there that could use a blessing. You will be entered to win the cookbook and one of my group coaching packages. If you win, you can keep these for yourself or bless another mama. This trim healthy mama cookbook is full of great new recipes. Everything I have tried has been really good. A new product that Serene introduced to me is green banana flour. Look it up, it is great for you!! Here are the greenie meanies, both versions are amazing!!

There are 3 ways to enter and each one is an entry into the giveaway. Make sure you sign up for my email, I will be doing more of these to bless mamas who could use some extra help following the thm lifestyle. Here are the ways to enter the giveaway:

  1. Like my Facebook page and comment
  2. Follow me on instagram
  3. If you are on your phone, scroll down and sign up for my email list. If you are on a computer, it’s on your right. You also get a great freebie to keep your THM kitchen organized.
  4. If you have already done the above, first, thank you so much!! You can comment on 2 posts on the public Facebook page, Jennifer Overstreet, Healthy Living Coach and if you have Instagram, you can do the same on Instagram.

That’s all you have to do!

6 Responses to “Trim Healthy Future Cookbook Giveaway!!!

  • I have been wanting to start back THM but feel I need more advice for meal planning. Saw your, meal plans, tips and tricks and was excited to sign up on your email and fb!

  • Thank you for doing this! Even just skimming through your planner and your page I’m seeing some new things to try! 😊

  • Ok I have followed you on Facebook and was already following on Instagram. Thanks for monthly menus. They all have raving reviews at my house

  • Sandy Klusty
    3 years ago

    Love that you want to bless others 😉 would love to win

  • I would love to win the cookbook and the coaching package.

  • Tela Keistler
    3 years ago

    Good Morning and Happy Birthday! Thank you for doing this giveaway on your Birthday, what a beautiful person and generous heart! ❤️ I would live to be considered for these wonderful 2 things! It would surely help me to better understand and live the Trim Healthy way of life. I purchased, bought and organized a whole lot of the Trim Healthy cooking products which I have never ventured into using yet due to mot understanding all of it completely. I do a few things here and there but would absolutely OOVE having someone to help me along the way! Thank you and Bless you!

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