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21 Day No Cheat Challenge

Hi. My name is Jennifer, I am 45 years old and a mother to 5. I am a certified trim healthy mama coach and I have been following the thm eating plan for more than 6 years.. Join me for 21 days where we create habits that will establish a strong foundation, break bad habits and create new healthy ones. I know what it’s like to cheat, to tell myself this doughnut isn’t a big deal, this blizzard is fine. But those things start to add up. Yes we need to give ourselves grace, but here or there cheats can turn into daily ones. I know, I have been there.
Join me on this 21 day journey and we will take control of our own health. I have asked this to clients before, if we don’t take care of our health, who will? We are in the driver’s seat of our health, we are in control.
If you join me, I will have printables to help you keep track of you meals, a habit tracker and menus. How this will work: The actual coaching is starting August 3rd and will go through August 23rd. I will start adding things to the group, getting menus in the files and the printables the weekend before so you can get ready prepping for the start on Monday the 6th. There will be daily accountability threads, encouragement, I will answer your questions, and anything else that comes up. 😊
This group coaching is for anyone who has a general understanding of the plan. If you are a beginner but understand basically how the plan works, you are more than welcome to join! This will definitely help you. If you are a veteran and need some encouragement or a shot in the arm, this group is for you. If you are a newbie and need a little more help and tips, I have a beginner group starting the following week. That group will basically baby step you into the plan, questions answered, recipes for every fuel and meal, plus more. Click here for more information.

Coaching will start on August 3rd and will end on August 23rd

Click here to go to the product page and join me for 21 days where we focus on our health and have no cheats.

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