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A Little Encouragement, Your Future You Will Thank You

I posted this on the main THM page but I know that things can get lost there. I hope this encourages you.
I wanted to come and give a little encouragement. When I started this plan I was a little overwhelmed. I made notes and stuck with it. I started with breakfast and then started adding in other meals, snacks and drinks. I am so glad that I did. I lost over 40 pounds and felt amazing.
My hubby was in an accident at work and ended up on workman’s comp. I got really lazy and gained some of that weight back. My clothes started feeling snug and I knew I was putting that weight that I lost back on. I had to find a way to eat the THM way on an even tighter budget. I managed to refocus and get back to where I was previously. This is really a lifestyle, not a diet. So many of us (me included), come here with the mindset that we need to drop the weight. This is so much more. I honestly feel amazing. I have dreaded getting older because of how everyone says you feel. I am full of energy and feel great. I can’t imagine what I would look and feel like if I would have stayed on the path I was on. I was addicted to sugar and carbs, this plan has broken my addiction and my cravings.
I want to encourage you that when you fall of the wagon, just get back on, this isn’t an all or nothing plan. Your health is very important and I have learned that no one is going to take care of me but me. I have heard this phrase so many times and it finally clicked a while back: Your future self will thank you. I think that is so powerful. Your future you will be so thankful for the effort you put into you now!!

This is Randy and I this last Christmas

This is me at a wedding about 8 years ago

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