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Grilling Essentials for the Best Cookouts

I love the start of grilling season!

Often Memorial Day is the kick off to everyone opening their grills that have been closed once the weather got cold. Since I live where it gets crazy hot in the summer, I rarely use my oven when it’s hot. I love to grill instead. Whether you have a cheap charcoal grill, a gas grill, or one of those really nice grills that my husband eyes when we are in the store, utilize those grills this season.

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Are you ready for some grilling essentials for your best grilling season?

Let’s talk tongs. I don’t know about you but burning my hands because of the wrong tongs isn’t what I would call a good time. And those ones that come with a big grill set, they don’t seem to work right for me. I suggest 12 inch long ones as a minimum length. I also suggest ones that can lock as well. These are great.

Have you heard of grilling mats? I am probably late to the party, but I love them. My husband brought them home on day and I thought the idea was weird. Now, I am a huge fan. We just bought some new ones for our grill. If you haven’t tried them before, I suggest getting a set.

Do you have an electric meat thermometer? I think one is essential. Some foods you don’t have to cook to a certain temperature, medium rare steak eater here. There are some that you need to get to a certain temperature so that you don’t get sick or end up with overcooked hockey pucks.

I used to use wooden skewers but I really don’t like them. I am always worried about a piece of it breaking off into the food we are eating. I really like to use metal ones instead. You have to be careful though, they get really, really hot.

A decent metal spatula is a great addition. A long one is highly suggested as well. I don’t like to use rubber, plastic, silicone items when I am grilling. This is a long metal spatula that allows you to keep your hand safe from the heat but you are still able to reach the meat.

After I told you I prefer to just use metal when grilling, here I am with a silicone basting brush. I have used different kinds are the years and this kind is my favorite. You can use this one when grilling, just don’t hold it directly over the flame. One is longer so it makes it perfect when trying to keep your distance from the heat.

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