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THM Pumpkin Recipe Roundup

Are you looking for some new low carb, trim healthy mama pumpkin recipes?

I have some really great trim healthy mama pumpkin recipes that you are going to want to add to your menu this fall. Pumpkin has such a nice mild flavor; you can do so much with it. I have used it in pasta sauces, chili, and of course sweet dishes as well.

Pumpkin isn’t just for pumpkin spice coffee.

One of my favorite things about fall are the pumpkin recipes. Since I live in Texas, I need cold and warm pumpkin recipes. We are in the 80’s right now with high humidity. In less than a week our high will be in the 40’s. Having a nice variety of trim healthy mama, low carb pumpkin recipes at my fingertips is almost a necessity.


Here are 10 snack, breakfast, dinner, and dessert low carb pumpkin recipes!

Are you looking for some new pumpkin recipes that are fall inspired? Here are 10 must try recipes that you should make this season.


Pumpkin Pie Whip, this is a yummy and simple snack. This isn’t a high fat recipe. If you want to add some fat, I would suggest adding some MCT oil. This is also a recipe that you can double or even quadruple and store in the fridge for a quick and easy snack.

Low Carb Pumpkin Scones!!! I used to buy the ones from a famous coffee house and then I started making my own. Here is a low carb version that should take away that coffee house craving.

This recipe for pumpkin pound cake can be eaten for breakfast or dinner. Well, really whenever you want! If you want cake for dinner, have cake for dinner! This is nice for breakfast with a couple pieces of bacon and a hot cup of coffee.

Pumpkin chili? Why not? Try this comforting chili on a cold day. This pumpkin chili will hit the spot and satisfy that fall craving.

This pumpkin and kale pasta sauce recipe might sound strange, but my whole family loved it! Use whatever pasta substitute that you prefer using. On trim healthy mama we can have dreamfields pasta occasionally. My other favorite option is spaghetti squash.

Here is a pumpkin meatball recipe. Nothing says comfort food like a cozy dish of meatballs. Serve these over pasta alternatives, a bed of greens, or just on a plate with a side salad. How ever you serve them, I am sure they will be a hit with your family.

Crcokpot Low Carb Moroccan Pumpkin Chicken recipe is so easy, comes together in less than 20 minutes and will cook throughout the day. This is so easy and yummy.

Pumpkin pie mousse. This low carb mousse is light and fluffy. It is also so easy to make and is so delicious. This is one of those recipes that I can eat on a cold or hot day. I only need a little bit of this to be satisfied. I hope you try this soon.

Do you love pumpkin pie but are avoiding sugar and bad carbs? These pumpkin pie bars are amazing! They are creamy and took away the cravings for pumpkin pie. They are crustless but I don’t think you will miss the crust at all.

Low Carb No Bake Pumpkin Pie. This pie really is the taste of fall! Fall spiced no bake pumpkin pie! Yes, please, and thank you. This no bake pumpkin pie is so simple to make and great for Thanksgiving or just becaus you like pumpkin.

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