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Trim Healthy Mama Camping Trip Meal Ideas

We recently went on a camping trip. We try to camp a few times a year. This time we camped at a different campground than we normally do. We made lots of memories but won’t go back to this specific campground area again. We had no water and the toilets were really nasty outhouses. We usually have a water source nearby and the toilets are the flush kind with water to wash your hands with. We had lots of fun, but I do like having flush able toilets to use.

When we go camping a lot of my meals are trim healthy mama crossovers or s meals. We do a lot of hiking, kayaking, and swimming. I am not concerned with losing weight or maintaining while camping. You can adapt my ideas to best suit your family and your needs. I try to find meals that everyone will eat and I can easily adapt it for thm. Breakfasts are pretty easy. All are egg based. Breakfast sandwiches are easy, just use an on plan bread. Breakfast tacos or burritos are perfect. Use whatever shells you want to use that are on plan. You can even make some wonderwraps and take them with you. Here is how I did our sandwiches and how I did our burritos.

I made a large batch of chili and used it in 2 meals. The first meal was chili and the family had frito pie. We had chili dogs another day and I used on plan bread. I have two chili recipes, one has a secret ingredient and one doesn’t. Take your pick. The second calls for an instant pot but it isn’t necessary. You can cook this on your stove or crockpot. I made mine early in the week and then froze the chili. The chili was double bagged and put in the ice chest frozen.

Hobo packs are so versatile. You can adapt them for any diet. They can also be any fuel. I took frozen salmon filets for those that wanted salmon, sausage links and chicken breasts for everyone else. Use whatever veggies are in season. I try and mark each pack for each person. Since they are all made a little different, everyone wants to make sure they get their own. Here is a how I make our hobo packs.

I hope you and your family have a lot of fun camping. We had some bad weather this last trip but we still made so many memories, it was worth it. A little prep can make camping food so much easier to make while at your campsite. I often make up a batch of hamburger meat and we have nachos for one our meals. They are a crossover, but that is fine with me. I also will often make hamburgers and either eat mine with on plan bread or eat mine bunless. I hope this gave you a few ideas for your next camping trip.

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