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Trim Healthy Mama Menu for the week

A lot of ladies struggle with menu ideas or meal plans. We can get stuck in ruts and eat the same thing over and over and want to quit. Here is a menu for the week that might at least give you some ideas. These are all family friendly, easy, and budget friendly recipes. I hope this helps give you some ideas.

B: Oatmeal E
L: Salad S
Sn: Non-fat Greek yogurt with frozen berries. FP or E
D: Pork Carnitas with extra veggies S

B: Omelette
L: Sweet potato with lean taco meat, lite laughing cow cheese, beans.
Sn: Cottage Berry Whip FP
D: Greek Chicken S

B: Peach Smoothie E
L: Meat and cheese with veggies in an on plan wrap with veggies and ranch
Sn: Apple with 1 tsp PB and a little low fat ham E
D: Hobo Packs Any fuel you want

B: Egg Cups with a few strawberries S
L: Salad S
Sn: Cottage berry whip FP
D: Grilled chicken with peach salsa over brown rice

B: Non-fat Greek yogurt with berries E or FP
L: Sweet Potato with lite laughing cow cheese, sweetener and blueberries with chicken breast E
Sn: String cheese, meat and pickles S
D: Cheesesteak skillet with a side salad

B: French Toast E
L: Leftovers
Sn: Non-fat Greek yogurt with berries FP or E
D: Cilantro lime chicken with grilled zucchini

B: Smoothie of choice
L: Eat out
Sn: Cheese sticks, meat and pickles
D: Crockpot BBQ Chicken with coleslaw

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