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Trim Healthy Mama Cinco de Mayo Menu

Here is a trim healthy mama Cinco de Mayo menu, perfect for a fiesta!!

It is totally possible to have an on plan Mexican fiesta, whether it’s for Cinco de Mayo, birthday party, or just because. We did something like this for oldest daughter’s graduation party. Although, my family doesn’t need a reason to host a Mexican fiesta. I picked some of our favorite recipes to put in this menu. Definitely give the queso a try! It is amazing!

Here are a few tips

Make your own chips with low carb tortillas. If you don’t care about a xoer, use corn tortillas. I love the mission 25 calorie ones. You can also use pork rinds as your chip. One lesson I learned, don’t pour the queso over the pork rinds, they end up soggy and gross. You can also use the baked Tostitos as an option. If you don’t want to buy all of those bags, there are other options on Amazon. I can’t find the baked ones here anymore.  Once the big C hit, they never showed back up at the one store that carried them.

So many of these recipes are versatile and can be used many different ways.

Make enchiladas, tostadas, flautas, taquitos, tacos, etc. Make sure you look at how to make Spanish rice with cauliflower that my family actually eats. I make guacamole with my pico de gallo. I mash up a couple avocados and then stir the pico in and add some lemon or lime juice. Taste and add anything else that it might need. I learned this years ago from Pioneer Woman. Here’s to a trim healthy mama Cinco de Mayo celebration.

On to the recipes:

Pico de Gallo

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Mexican Pinwheels


Ranch Style Beans– you can easily make these refried if you want.  Put some cooked beans in a large skillet and mash as they heat up.

Spanish Cauliflower Rice


Carne Guisada

Verde Cream Enchiladas

Pollo con Queso

Roast Tacos


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