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How to Cut up a Pork Loin

This is one way we save money on meat. If I can find a good price on a pork loin, I can slice it up into different cuts of pork. This pork loin was 1.77 a lb. I bought the biggest one that was there. I am not a professional meat processor so this is how I did this, following this guideline that I found.

We ended up with at least 5 meals out of the single pork loin. We cut the ends off and reserved those for pork stew meat. We cut the next sections into pork chops and the large section that was left, we cut in half for pork roasts. You could probably get more meals than we did. I saw one post where they managed to get 9 meals out of one pork loin. I can’t imagine getting 9 meals out of one, but more power to you if you can.

This comes out to $3.49 a lb per meal for our family of 5 (pretty much all adults). That is a great deal to me. This cost makes it possible for me to make dinners that are in the $5-$7 range, depending on sides. It didn’t take long to slice the pork loin into pieces for meals. We bagged them up into labeled freezer bags. If you can find a pork loin on sale, pick up at least one and save some money on your meat.

Here is the first recipe I made with the pork chops from the pork loin. It was so good!! My whole family loved it and want me to make it again.

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