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My Favorite Protein Coffee

I used to be that person who had a little coffee creamer with my coffee. I used to add 9 teaspoons of coffee-mate amaretto creamer to my cup of coffee. It had to be sweet and creamy. When I started trim healthy mama I had to change the way I took my coffee. This wasn’t an overnight change but now I only use 1 doonk of stevia to sweeten it and a couple of healthy ingredients to cream it up.

This is a fuel pull if you are following THM. If you don’t follow THM, this coffee is still so good for you and delicious.
I took a picture to show you how dark the coffee is before blending with these ingredients. You can see the foam on top of the coffee in the blender that forms after blending. This also creates some foam on top of the coffee. Yum.

My Favorite Protein Coffee


  • Cup of coffee
  • 1 t MCT Oil
  • 1 t Geltain
  • 1/8-1/4 t Sunflower Lecithin
  • 1/2 t Protein Powder
  • Sweetener of Choice
  • Pinch or two of Salt
  • Dash of an extract if you want


  • Make sure your blender can handle hot beverages. I had a Ninja with the smoothie cups, those didn’t work very well and would spew the hot liquid quite often. Pour your cup of coffee into the blender.
  • Add remaining ingredients and blend for 10-20 seconds.
  • 3.Pour into mug and enjoy.
  • 4.The coffee goes into the blender dark and after the ingredients are added and blended, it changes to this pretty color. No cream is in there but you wouldn’t know it.

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