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One Week No Cheat Challenge

I have found that for me to be successful, I need a plan. I often change things up and modify my plans but I must have a plan first. Another way I am successful is if I can do any prep work. We have a Monday holiday coming up so I am going to use that to my advantage and prep for the coming week. I will shop on Saturday and do some prepping on Sunday and finish up on Monday.

Sunday I will take a family pack of chicken breasts and put them in a crockpot on low for about 5 hours. I season with salt, pepper and garlic and onion powder. These chicken breasts will be used as our protein source for salads throughout the week and for lunches when I have a sweet potato.
I will also brown up my meat for Cowboy Grub. I add in finely chopped mushrooms and some cauli rice. Doing it this way no one can tell they are in there and I can get more veggies into my family.
Monday is the main day for me. Since I am using the oven, I need to make sure I am planning how I use it. It is summer here in Texas and I don’t want it on all day. I start with baking up my turkey bacon. When that is done I roast the strawberries. I bake the cheesecake crust after the strawberries. And finally I baked the cheesecake.

Now I prepped as many things that I could. I made up the marinade for the chicken thighs. I put the thighs in a gallon baggie and added the marinade. That will be stored in the fridge until Tuesday’s dinner. I made a quadruple batch of the pumpkin pie whip. I made up meat for tacos with hidden diced mushrooms. I also prepped up veggies for salads. I chopped up bell peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, cucumbers and tomatoes. This makes it super quick when I make my hubby’s salads for his lunches throughout the week.
Next weekend we will make up some egg and meat cups for breakfasts throughout the week. We will make a strawberry mousse and prep a couple meals. With some forethought and some work, we can be successful, even when life gets crazy. We can also keep that momentum going and continually prep and be successful.

Here is my planned menu starting with Tuesday and Ending on Monday. I will include snacks and desserts as well. All recipes are NSI needed, are all available online and easy. I tried to make it so a beginner to THM can follow it and be successful. Everything I purchased I bought either at Aldi or WalMart. You can do this!
I have added a video where I explain what I did and show how I store some of the prepped veggies. I am not a professional and you can definitely tell. This might be helpful if you are a visual learner.

Breakfast Oatmeal with fruit
Lunch are salads made with veggies I prepped and chicken breasts I made in the crockpot to prep for the week.
Snack for today will be non-fat Greek yogurt with a little stevia and either fresh or frozen fruit.
Dinner is Chicken thighs with green beans. This is a sheet pan meal. We will marinate the chicken on Monday during the meal prep. I also will be using the Aldi brand of frozen skinny green beans in place of what the recipe suggests to use. Add a salad and we will have cheesecake for dessert.

Breakfast is fried eggs, turkey bacon I prepped and sauteed okra
Lunch today is sweet potatoes with chicken breast that I prepped
Snack is Cottage berry whip
This will be an E dinner, it will be Cowboy grub. If the meat and brown rice are prepped ahead over the weekend, this will be so fast to throw together. If you want something sweet, I would eat some strawberries.

Breakfast and lunch are repeats from Tuesday.
Snack for today will be the Pumpkin Spice Whip. If you aren’t concerned about it being a fuel pull, make a little more than the recipe makes.
Dinner will be tacos. Make the meat however you want. I will be doing my trick of adding in the chopped mushrooms and diced cauliflower. I will eat mine on lettuce and my hubby will most likely eat his on a salad. My boys will have tortillas and beans.

Breakfast and lunch are a repeat from Wednesday.
Snack will be roasted strawberries with Greek yogurt. I think I am most excited about trying this recipe. It sounds crazy but the comments say it tastes amazing. We will be serving this on top of pancakes tomorrow morning, so either double up on the recipe or only eat a small amount.
Dinner is lemon butter tilapia. My hubby doesn’t like fish so I will make some other protein for him. And he won’t eat much of the asparagus either.

Today we will have pancakes with bacon and the roasted strawberries for breakfast.
Lunch today will be leftovers. I like to make sure I have some leftovers so I don’t have to cook all weekend. Snack will be the same. Most likely a Pumpkin Pie Whip
Dinner will be chicken burrito bowls. Add whatever spices and other additions you want. I like flavor with my food and this one might need something added.

Sunday:Breakfast for me will be overnight oats. This makes two so I will have one Monday for a snack.
Lunch will be bunless burgers with a side salad
Dinner is a crockpot recipe that we will start after lunch and have very little work on Sunday night.

We will prep some egg cups or mini frittatas this weekend to be used throughout the week.
Lunch is leftovers from Sunday’s dinner. This will make a lot.
Snack is cottage berry whip
Dinner is something that I make about once a month or so. I season a whole chicken however I like it seasoned. I take a crokpot and make 3 foil balls and rest the chicken, breast side down, on top of the foil balls. I cook it on low for about 6 hours or so. We will serve it with a roasted cauliflower and have the strawberry mousse for dessert.

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