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Spicy Sausage and Cabbage

This is a take on one of my hubby’s family favorites. This still wasn’t hot enough for him, so he added more heat to his bowl. If you like cabbage, this will become a favorite. If you are on the fence about it, kind of maybe, try this recipe. It might become one of your favorite ways to eat cabbage.

This is a great trim healthy mama s recipe. It isn’t a heavy s, like quite a few I have on here. As written, this recipe is dairy free and delicious. My kids put cheese on theirs but I didn’t. If you feel the need to have more with this recipe, serve with a side salad. If you didn’t. want to cook this in the oven like I did, just cook on your stove-top until finished. I cook the dish about half way and then place in a baking pan. It is pretty much summer in Texas and our air conditioners are running almost non-stop. When I make this again, I will just cook it to finished in the skillet on the stove, so I didn’t. heat up the house with the oven.

This is the hot sausage I used. You can use whatever sausage you can find. And hot sausage isn’t necessary. You can even use mild if you need to use a sausage that people with sensitive mouths can handle. If you follow a low carb diet or keto, this will fit both of these eating plans.

Spicy Sausage and Cabbage


  • 16 oz Roll of Spicy Breakfast Sausage
  • 1 Sm-Med Head of Cabbage, cored and chopped
  • 1 Sm-Med Onion
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1/2 t Pepper
  • 2 t Minced Garlic
  • 14.5 oz Diced Tomatoes, drained
  • 2 t Worcestershire Sauce


  • Cook sausage until browned. Remove from skillet into a heat-proof bowl.
  • You can either use the fat that was left in the skillet or use olive oil. Add the chopped cabbage to the same skillet. Cook over medium up to medium-high heat.
  • While the cabbage is starting to cook, dice your onion.
  • Stir and cook for about 5-7 minutes.
  • Add the onion and cook until the cabbage is cooked about halfway to how you want it cooked. Add the remaining ingredients.
  • Stir well until all combined. Add the cooked sausage. Stir well.
  • Add everything to a 9×13 dish. Bake at 350 degree preheated oven for 25-30 minutes. Serve hot.

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