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Busy Week, Easy Trim Healthy Mama Menu All Crockpot Dinners!

With kids heading back to school and some places getting back to some sort of normal, life starts to get hectic and our eating can get off. This trim healthy mama menu reflects that. With a little prep work and every dinner using the crockpot, you will be able to stay on plan and not fall off the thm train. We have all been there. When my life is chaotic or things are overwhelming, I have gone to the drive-thru or pulled out some frozen pizzas for the whole family (I buy them for my teens). With a trim healthy mama menu where you can your breakfasts and use your crockpot for the week, hopefully this will help you have a successful week, feeding you and your family healthy foods.

If you have time over the weekend, prep your breakfasts, sweet potatoes, salad fixings, chicken breasts, etc. You can prep ahead some of the non-fat Greek yogurt and cottage cheese as well. I like to prep 3 days worth at a time. This is one of my time saving tips. For desserts, you can make a batch of skinny chocolate or a batch of brownies and eat them throughout the week. This will make your week so much easier and help you be successful. If you don’t like something listed, swap it out with a family favorite. I hope this at least gives you some ideas for your busy weeks.

B: Low Carb Sausage Balls with strawberries S
L: Sweet potato with light laughing cow cheese, a little sweetener and blueberries and chicken breast E
SN: Cottage cheese with Pineapple E
D: Lemon Garlic Chicken with mashed cauliflower and salad S

B: Overnight oats with a few strawberries on the side E
L: Large salad with sliced chicken breasts and dressing S
SN: Non-fat Greek Yogurt and berries FP
D: Chicken Fajitas and a small salad S or E

B: Sausage balls with strawberries S
L: E Sandwich with pickles and an apple E
SN: Cottage Cheese with pineapple E
D: Mississippi Roast with a salad and mashed cauliflower

B: Overnight oats with a few strawberries E
L: Large Salad with a chicken breast and dressing S
SN: Non-fat Greek yogurt with a few berries FP
D: Whole Roasted Chicken with summer squash saute and roasted or air fried okra S

B: Sausage balls and strawberries S
L: Sweet potato with salsa, black beans, light laughing cow cheese and a chicken breast E
SN: Meat and cheese rollups and pickles S
D: Philly Cheesesteak and a salad S

B: Shake (any recipe you want, any fuel you want)
L: Leftovers
SN: 1 Piece of sprouted bread with a little sugar free jam and an apple E
D: Creamy Mexican Chicken E

B: Same as Saturday
L: Eat out
SN: Meat and cheese rollups and pickles S
D: Pork Carnitas S

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