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Trim Healthy Mama Christmas Menu

Trim healthy mama Christmas menu!

Do you want an on plan, or mostly on plan Christmas? I have the perfect menu for you! You can use some of these recipes and be partly on plan. You can easily make many of these recipes and stay on plan all day and have delicious leftovers. It is entirely up to you. Every recipe is easy and special ingredient free.

Christmas Crack, a dessert that pleases everyone!

Often it isn’t the dinner that gets us. We can tweak so many things and no one is missing out. But when it comes to desserts, that’s a bit more difficult. Many times the texture is off, the sweetener leaves an odd taste. I have gathered my favorite on plan desserts, including the Christmas crack in the picture above.

Trim Healthy Mama Christmas Menu


Stuffed Jalapenos– these sound weird but are so good. You can sub ham for the tuna

Mexican Pinwheels- this is something my mother made every holiday, this is so good

Pico De Gallo- super easy, serve with chips or the pinwheels

Homemade Queso– easy and delicious

Loaded Deviled Eggs– If you like deviled eggs with your holiday meals, try this yummy recipe

THM Charcuterie Board Ideas


Low Carb Macaroni and Cheese: This recipe is so easy and yummy

Balsamic Roasted Mushrooms: Easy and very tasty

Lemon Parmesan Asparagus: A different twist on asparagus

Bacon Parmesan Green Beans: Insanely easy side dish

I have 2 versions of mashed potatoes:
Version One Version Two

My favorite recipe for Brussels sprouts

Twice Baked Cauliflower: This is a recipe that many moms have managed to get their kids to cauliflower without complaints

Fried Cabbage: This is so easy and cheap. We often have it at Christmas.

Cheesy Broccoli and Rice Casserole– This is so easy and cheap!

Meat Recipes

Low Carb Roasted Ham

Easy Roast Turkey

On Plan, Low Carb, Trim Healthy Mama Desserts!

So, pre-thm I was a sugar addict. Trim healthy mama helped me break that addiction. That doesn’t mean I don’t eat desserts; I just eat sugar free desserts. Here are some yummy holiday options.

Special Ingredient Free Swiss Roll– This was a hit with my family!

Chocolate Silk Pie: So pretty and delicious

The easiest Sugar-free Candy! This is one of my hubby’s favorite sweet recipes I make.

Pecan Pralines: This recipe is so easy. I had so many think this recipe isn’t sugar free! 

Nantucket Pie: This pie is so good. When I made it, I couldn’t help but eat a piece. So I served a pie that was missing a piece.

Pecan Pie Bars: This is so close to pecan pie, but without all of the work.

Chocolate and Almond Butter Bark: You can use peanut butter instead, either one will work in this easy recipe

Low Carb Christmas Bark: If I had to pick one recipe to make at Christmas, this is it!! This is THE one that I would make. It is incredibly easy, fast, and everyone loves it!

Cheesecake Dip: If you need something cheap and you can make at the last minute, this is the perfect recipe

Mini Cheesecakes: Mini cheesecakes are the perfect desserts. They are so much easier than a regular size cheesecake, they come out already an individual serving size.

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