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November Trim Healthy Mama Dinner Menu

Here is a new Trim Healthy Mama Dinner Menu for November

We have finally started getting cold weather here (actually winter showed up before fall for a few days here in Texas). This means soups and casseroles, sheet pan dinners and more cozy, comfort foods. I love having soup simmering all day when it’s cold outside. Tonight we are having chicken pot pie soup with cheddar bay biscuits. It’s a popular recipe at my house.

Every recipe is easy and special ingredient free.

I know we are all busy and have picky family members. Many of these recipes are dump and go recipes. Every recipe I have included in this November dinner menu have been approved by my hubby and teen boys. I also created these menus so that a beginner can follow along. They can go to their local grocery store and buy the ingredients. I also list the fuels so you know what fuel the meal is.

Some meals are listed as any fuel.

This means you can go any direction you want. For example, the crockpot Mexican chicken (tinga chicken) is a fuel pull as written. I made it into tostadas one night (they were an e) and air fried taquitos the next (those were an s because I added cheese and sour cream). You get to decide how you want to eat it. If you need ideas, let me know, and I will help.

November Trim Healthy Mama Dinner Menu

  1. Buffalo Chicken Chili S or FP
  2. Hamburger Soup E
  3. Cheesy Baked Pasta with Salad S
  4. Big Mac Smash Tacos S
  5. Roasted Bone-in Chicken Breasts with Roasted veggies S
  6. BBQ Pulled Pork with Lime Cilantro Coleslaw S
  7. Shredded Mexican- Tinga Chicken Any
  8. CP Beef Stroganoff– served over what you want, I made mashed veggies S
  9. Pumpkin Chili Any
  10. Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole with Salad S
  11. Firecracker Chicken with Fried Brown Rice E
  12. Saucy Stuffed Italian Sausage with Peppers with Salad S
  13. Easy Cheesy Mexican Chicken with Cilantro Lime Coleslaw FP
  14. Mexican Roast Tacos with Spanish Rice S
  15. Pizza Soup S
  16. Italian Hamburger Helper FP
  17. Marry Me Chicken with Salad S
  18. Ranch Pork Chops and Green Bean Sheet pan Dinner S
  19. Chicken Alfredo with Salad
  20. Red Beans and Rice E
  21. CP Verde Chicken FP
  22. Chicken Ramen E
  23. Thanksgiving XOer
  24. Leftovers XOer
  25. Chicken Pot Pie Soup with Cheddar Biscuits (if you have turkey, use that in place of the chicken) S
  26. Millionaire Spaghetti with Salad S
  27. Chicken Bacon Ranch Soup S
  28. Barbacoa with Spanish Rice and Pico de Gallo S
  29. Filipino Chicken E
  30. Ricotta Bake with Salad S

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