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February Trim Healthy Mama Menu

Here is a trim healthy mama menu for February

Here is a new thm menu with new recipes, lots of easy recipes, and they are all teen boy and hubby approved. We are in winter and this recipe will reflect that. Lots of oven meals, soups, and warm meals for cold days. This trim healthy mama February menu is also special ingredient free! Go to your local grocery store and you can make these recipes.

You can follow this menu even if you are a beginner.

I try to design my menus so that anyone can follow them, from a beginner to a seasoned thm veteran. I also list the fuel at the end of each meal. Feel free to switch this up as you need to for your family. I have Mexican meals every Tuesday. If your family doesn’t care for Mexican foods, replace it with something your family will like. Y’all don’t like curry, no problem. I try to get in so many different flavors and spices so that I have something for everyone.

A few tips

I use dreamfields pasta in most of my pasta recipes. My hubby is pretty picky and he likes dreamfields but he doesn’t care for the veggie options. I have 2 new recipes that use millet and brown rice noodles that I get from Costco. They might have something similar in the Asian section at your grocery store. You can always use dreamfields spaghetti or angel hair pasta in it’s place. That might change the meal to a fuel pull from an e. Below is a video showing how I am meal prepping lately. This has been a game changer for me.

Trim Healthy Mama February Menu

  1. Chicken Fajita Bake with Spanish Rice S
  2. THM E Ramen E
  3. Cheeseburger Bites with Broccoli Salad S
  4. Chicken Bacon Ranch Soup S
  5. Air Fried Fish Sticks with Tartar Sauce, Salad and Baked Cauliflower S
  6. Bruschetta Chicken with Salad S
  7. Crockpot Creamy Italian Chicken serve over an E pasta E
  8. Chipotle Chicken Tacos with Pico and Spanish Rice S
  9. Ranch Pork Chops with Green Beans Sheet Pan Dinner S
  10. Baked Chicken Breasts, Mashed Potatoes and Peas E
  11. Chicken Curry with Flatbread S
  12. Cajun Alfredo Chicken S
  13. Balsamic Pork Loin Filet with Roasted Veggies S

14. Valentine’s Dinner S
15. Chicken Fajita Soup S
16. Chicken Sausage with Marinara over Red Lentil Pasta (or other E pasta) E
17. Sheet Pan Crispy Chicken with Veggies S
18. Lasagna Soup S
19. Kielbasa with Veggies Sheet Pan Dinner S
20. Chicken Pot Pie Soup S
21. Chicken Alfredo with Veggies S
22. Tostadas E
23. Beef and Broccoli pressure cooker Beef and Broccoli not pressure cooker with Cauliflower Fried Rice S
24.The Best Low Carb Pork Chops with Bacon Parmesan Green Beans S
25. Beef Stew S
26. Filipino Chicken with Asian Cucumbers E
27. Ricotta Bake with Salad S
28.Crockpot Greek Chicken with Greek Salad S

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