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November Trim Healthy Mama Menu

Here is a brand-new Trim Healthy Mama November Menu!

Here is my latest trim healthy mama menu. This menu is special ingredient free, full of easy recipes, and teen boy and hubby approved!
I have been working on super easy trim healthy mama recipes that are perfect for busy families. I know what it’s like to have a house full of picky eaters, so busy I feel pulled in so many directions, and not having the time available to spend hours in the kitchen.  The menus are designed for all women who follow the trim healthy mama plan, but especially busy people!

This is a month that really brings in the holidays.

Lots of family time and memories made. So much food everywhere!! I have a Thanksgiving trim healthy mama menu, but I will be updating it with some new recipes. I try to only include recipes that I have received positive feedback on. Holidays are hard enough; you don’t need any recipe flops!

The day before Thanksgiving I put my easiest recipe ever. And it’s a crockpot recipe!

I tried to make sure I thought about busy days during November. Swap things around as needed for your family. I did include a few soups, casserole, and oven dishes as the weather starts to cool down. Here’s a bonus recipe roundup, 10 delicious pumpkin recipes.

THM Pumpkin Recipe Roundup – Jennifer Overstreet

1.Mexcian Crockpot Tacos with Spanish Rice and Pico de Gallo S
2. Chicken Bacon Ranch Soup S
3.Red Beans and Rice E
4. Beef Stew S
5. Pizza Soup S
6. Mushroom Garlic Pork Bites with green beans and salad S
7. Creamy Kielbasa and Cabbage Skillet S
8. CP Mexican Quinoa E
9. Teriyaki Chicken Thighs with Fried Cauli Rice S
10. Cheesy Meatball Bake with a Salad (and pasta of choice if desired) S
11.Ranch Pork Chops and Green Bean Sheet Pan Dinner S
12. THM E Ramen E
13. Pink Pasta Sauce over Pasta of Choice and Salad S
14. Sheet Pan Crispy Chicken and Veggies S
15. Chicken Verde Soup S

Here’s my most recent meal prep

16. Chicken Breasts 4 Ways (just suggestions for you), Mashed Potatoes v1 and v2, and peas E
17. Chicken Alfredo and Veggie Bake, over pasta of choice S
18. Lasagna Soup S
19. Chicken Curry with Flatbread S
20. Millionaire Spaghetti with Salad S
21. THM E Chili E
22. Leftovers- Clean out your fridge
23. Garlic Parmesan Chicken over Pasta of Choice with Salad S
24. Thanksgiving
25. Leftovers
26. Snack Foods Loaded Deviled EggsCharcuterie Board Ideas,
27. Zuppa Tuscana Soup S
28. Creamy Sausage, Cauliflower, and Broccoli Pasta Skillet S
29. Creamy Beef Taco Soup S
30. Filipino Chicken E


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