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Apil Trim Healthy Mama Dinner Menu

Here is a new trim healthy mama menu for April

If you need some new ideas or just need an entire trim healthy mama dinner menu made for you, this is for you. Every recipe in this menu is easy, special ingredient free, and teen boy and hubby approved. I have some picky people in my house and it can be hard making one meal that everyone likes, but I did it. We are  too busy to make 2 or more dinners for us and our family.

I did something for the first time, I used a big meal typically for meal prep for 3 meals this month.

I made a fuel pull Mexican meat mixture in March. We made so many meals from it, including a fp taco mac-n-cheese! I made a video explaining some of this. Use lean ground meat and one to two bags of cauliflower rice.  Add plenty of seasoning and cook until the cauliflower rice is tender. I used half a box of dreamfield elbow noodles in the fp taco mac-n-cheese but it served more than 4 of us!

Every meal is great for busy families, picky people, and even a beginner to trim healthy mama.

I list every fuel so there is no guess work. I rotate proteins and include e meals as well. The only thing you have to do is make your grocery list and cook your food. This thm menu is designed to be full of flavor, not keep you chained to the kitchen, and happy hubby’s and kids. Don’t make 2 dinners (or even 3!). Make one meal that everyone will love.

Here is my latest meal prep video. Without meal prep, we wouldn’t eat like we do.

  1. Cheesy Cabbage Skillet S
  2. The Best Bone-in Chicken Breasts and Veggies S
  3. Beef and Broccoli over Fried Cauliflower Rice S
  4. Chicken Fajita Bake with Spanish Cauliflower Rice S
  5. Chicken Ramen E
  6. Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole  with Salad S
  7. Easy Mushroom Garlic Pork Bites with Green Beans and a Salad S
  8. Low Carb Ricotta Bake with a Salad S
  9. Easter
  10. Chicken Pesto Ranch with Salad S
  11. FP Mexican Burrito Bowls FP
  12. Montreal Steak and Mushrooms over Mashed Cauliflower S
  13. Butter Chicken over Indian Spiced Cauliflower Rice S
  14. Leftover Burrito Bowls as Tostadas (add beans and bake your corn tortillas) E
  15. Leftover Burrito Bowls as a FP Taco Mac-n-Cheese FP
  16. Bacon Ranch Casserole with Salad S
  17. CP Pizza Casserole with Salad S
  18. CP Chipotle Shredded Beef Tacos with Spanish Cauliflower Rice S
  19. CP Red Beans and Rice E
  20. Cheesesteak Casserole with Salad S
  21. Asian Pork Tenderloin with Asian Slaw
  22. Melt in Your Mouth Chicken with Veg and Salad S
  23. Saucy Stuffed Italian Sausages with Salad S
  24. Sloppy Joes with Coleslaw or Broccoli Salad S
  25. The Easiest CP Mexican Quinoa E
  26. Creole Dump Chicken over Mashed Cauliflower S
  27. Shepherd’s Pie with Salad S
  28. Filipino Chicken with Asian Cukes E
  29. Greek Bowls S
  30. Pretty Amazing Pink Pasta with Salad S

2 Responses to “Apil Trim Healthy Mama Dinner Menu

  • I’m loving these recipes. They are easy, and don’t take a lot of time. Takes out the guess work. Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.🥰

  • Thank you so much – I appreciate the menu pans so much and the recipes are so good. I have a “Mexi-chicken” that I make in bulk and freeze; now to add a ground meat version (I’ll be using venison) and the fam will be thrilled.

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